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Welcome to the forum, but I'm sad to hear that your Patch is not doing well..There could be a ton of things that could have caused it, so it's really hard to say..I would try and keep a close eye on him when he comes homes, keep his wandering down to a minimum...My Samson loves to wander inthe woods and has never had anything happen...

My thought tho, is if like humans, something is lacking in the diet..I have had kidney infections before and was encouraged to drink lots of fluids, especially cranberry juice...My mother in law's poodle was prone to them and she got these cranberry pills that she gave Gabby and they worked quite well...I could have sworn they were by a company called 8 in 1, but I have checked a couple places(petsmart incl) and can't seem to find them :(  Maybe ask your vet about that...

Hoping that Patch starts getting better and please post some pics of him when you have a chance...
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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