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Greetings from Sonoma County, Ca.

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Hey all,

       What a great website, glad to have found a community dedicated to the amazing Boxer! Meet Bosco, He's a year and two months now and pretty much makes life about twenty times better for our family. I look forward to getting to know the community and benefiting from all the knowledge here. I'll attach some pics of Bosco below. My digital photo camera has 'video' capacity, the quality is limited but i've made two short videos of Bosco with it which can be seen here:

 Bosco at 11 months:

 Bosco at 8 weeks:

                                  Glad to have found you,        Alfrado.


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hey and welcome to the forums
Hello from San Francisco! Cute friends you have!
Hello and Welcome! Bosco sure is a cutie...the last pic is really cool :D
:-h Welcome! Love the pics.  :D
Welcome to the forum from Sadie and I! Bosco is a cutie pie, great pics!
Howdy from Texas and welcome! :D
Great pics! :wink:
Welcome to the forum....Bosco is a handsome guy...Who's his friend in the first pic? Look forward to hearing more about him... :) Sonoma County? One county over from my old stomping grounds, I lived in Napa for years, still have a sister there..
Welcome to the forum, you will love it here.
Welcome :D Love the 1st pic! Why is it no matter how many toys they have, dogs want to share just one????LOL
Welcome to the forum! you will enjoy it here i know i do
Welcome to Boxer Forums!!! Glad to have you! Bosco is sooooo sweet!!!
welcome to the forum....glad you found us :D

both pups are gorgeous !!!!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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