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Re: Growling, Snaping, Lunging.....what is going on with her

WOW..shes testing everyone...the growling and even a snap i would say is testing..the lunging and jumping at snapping id be more concerned with..

Isis has growled and snapped 3 times in 2 yrs..2 times @ my brother when he was here..he had jusst gotten here..dogs were in the back of our pathfinder Isis jumped over the seat where my brother and both my sons were strapped into no one could move..and shes HEAVY !!..he tried to get her back in the back..and she growled and snapped but not to connect..
ALSO..the 3 rd time was in our trying to move her 80 pound butt from my pillow...she didnt want to move !! lol she growled..i was like uhmm excuse me? you dont pay any bills MOVE !!! and i lifted her up haha and placed her on the end of the bed..that was the beginning of her not feeling good though so i think that may have been it PLUS being deaf they startle eaiser..she was fast asleep

i really believe growling and snapping are their warning...if they wanted to connect they would by actually biting not just a snap..BUT the lunging? and seeming like she is trying to connect? hmmm...she's upset maybe?
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