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Growth Spurt?

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Is it possible for a boxer to have a pretty significant growth spurt at almost 10 months?  Maybe I am crazy but Cassius was finally starting to gain weight and fill out then all of a sudden (seems like a week) he look real skinny again but I think he got taller?!?!?!?  Is this possible?  And not just a millimeter or two, it seems noticeable.  When I measured him a few weeks ago he was about 21 inches, today we were playing outside and I marked my leg where his shoulders came up to and measured it inside and it was closer to 23 inches. Neither measurement was exact and there was room for error in each one but even if he grew another 1/2 inch it seems like a lot for a 10 month old.  He was real skinny when we got him, maybe he just needed to add some weight before his body pushed his height, I know that's what happens with kids....   Anyone else ever see this so late?
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that is VERY possible. boxers will grow up until they are around 18 months...then they start to fill out. I remember being sooo worried about Reese...i still worry sometimes that she is too skinny but she is 15 months so i am hoping she is done now and will fill out!!
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