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Why are people such idiots! A few of us were posting back and forth about a few people who had boxer puppies and selling them on craigslist. No health checks, no examples of back yard breeders! Well now they have a Myspace webpage advertising themselves as breeders! After Coco's Dr's appointment today and the bad news we got about her eye I guess I am a little emotional. We got Coco from a breeder that does health testing on the parents and tons of vet checks on the pups and she is still going to have major issues with her eyes. I can not fathom breeding for money like they are, with no regard for the pups health! These people are also the same ones I met in pet smart that were telling me about their aggressive boxer which they later SOLD on craigslist.. :aua:

poor babies crowded in that little crate!  

it's sad and infuriating that we can't stop them, but educating potential owners is the best way to get the word out.  forwarned is forearmed and most ppl just never think about the ramifications of not getting a well bred dog.  the ones i run in to appreciate the edu.
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