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Gunnar's vet visit

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Just wanted to see if any of you guys have ever heard of this,  the other night we were getting ready for bed and Gunnar jumped up on the bed, as usual.  Well, when he jumped, he yelped and was favoring his hind leg.  So my daughter and I got him laid down and went over him, thinking maybe he had a sticker in his foot or something.  Didn't find a thing.  So the last couple days I've been watching him closely.  He's running and walking fine, but just won't jump up on my bed, I have to physically lift him (not an easy task, he's about 69lbs).   So hubby comes home last night and tries to lift him into the bed.  Gunnar litterally screams, it scared me to death.  So we get up this morning and off to the vet we go.  Turns out, my vet did some tests, and Gunnar has somehow strained his BACK.  He had to realign 2 of his vertebrae, they were completely out of whack.  He said Gunnar probably did it while playing, he's extremely active.  Gave him some anti-inflammatory meds and said if it's not better in a week to bring him back in.  

Also, where Gunnar got his ears cropped, we've noticed a bump coming up.  Had vet look at it, too.  He called it a 'granuloma' or something like that.  Said when Gunnar still had his stitches some foreign matter got down in there, and it needs to be removed.  Anyone with knowledge of these??
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Can't really help with the medical things but just wanted say that I was sorry that Gunner is having these problems and hope he gets to feeling better fast.  Hopefully someone else has had some experience and can help out.
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