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Gunner is getting big..

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Gunner weighed in at 32 pounds yesterday at his 14 week check up. His paws are bigger than Zoies and shes 3!
Anyone wanting to make me siggies or an avitar feel free...LOL
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I cant seem to post pics here sooo you can see them in my album..There captioned May 16

Leanne's Fur Babies
Sure, if you dont mind... :D

nothing super fancy... if you would like something different... I can...
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Gunner is adorable! Just out of curiosity.. Do either of them having hearing problems? I know on (i think thats it), there are a lot of white boxers that are deaf.. I got to play with a deaf gret dane puppy before.. The way he interacted was different than a dog that could hear...
Thats great...If you want to keep playing by all means play, LOL

I have no idea have to put it in my sig. or use as avitar...Im lucky to be able to post pics in here!

Thanks a bunch!
Both mine can hear but Gunners brother is deaf. If I had a bigger yard and house I would have taken him to. One of the great myths is that all whites are deaf. I get that question all the time..I think there are a couple here who are deaf though..


I think I'm suppose to be working on a sig for someone else... I just can't remember who.
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Woohooo...I finaly figured out how to put it here...Now I cant seem to get the avitar...Oh well, tomorrow is another day..

Thanks again so much for my sig...
No problem... I was messin' with it a little to see what else I could do and I messed up the file lol so I'd have to start all over again... I'm too tired tonight. Should have left well enough alone. Hopefully you can figure the sig out it's at the very bottom on the edit your profile page. You might be the first to have a "animated" avatar.
It was me Mastry that you were supposed to be working on a siggie for..I've just been too darn busy to get you pictures..I wanted to include all 4 of my babies, past & present with an Irish theme...I could just get off my lazy bum & do it myself! Marq thinks the background you came up with is awesome by the way.....

Now that I have stolen Leanne's thread...Sorry....Gunner is getting to be such a big boy! He looks grreat.....
Lol thanks for saying it though I was feeling really bad... like maybe someone sent me the pictures and I just couldn't figure out what I did with them. Did you see Chloesmom's new sig? I could make one for Samson and Angel and then one for buck and tia...? Oh and I do already have pics of them... the ones used in the boxer forum buddies background. Anyway... answer me in the signatures thread so we not mess up leannes thread! LOL

Hes adorable!My rocky wasnt deaf but his sis was.Gunnar & Rocky have the same sire.
He's gonna be a big boy!  Have you ever had people ask you if your boxers are pit bulls?  I've had about 5 people ask me this.  We just got our first white boxer named Sadie.  She's got a fawn brother Charlie that's about 14 months old.
[quote="JeepKuntry\";p=\"9180":1kzdv7u2]He's gonna be a big boy!
White Boxers are often mistaken for Pits by a lot of folks.  Especially if you give a white boxer a "pit" crop!

We've even had someone ask us if Odin was a pit bull.

People ALWAYS think there pits...
[quote="JeepKuntry\";p=\"9180":3o6ffutj]He's gonna be a big boy!
[quote="JeepKuntry\";p=\"9180":169olx6k]He's gonna be a big boy!
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