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Gus and Maggie

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what you need to do in order to display your pics in your posting first hit the "insert image" botton, and a second window will pop up, and then paste the image url into that windo and hit ok....the "insert image button is the 7th botton on the bottom row counting form left to right, it looks like a white square with mountains and a sun...
however i did click on the link and check out your pics, your babies are very cute!

hope this helps :)
They are adorable!
When I hit the insert picture button, I keep getting a error message
OK, I got it now I think. Thanks for the advice

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So cute, two puppies at once looks like a handful!
They are so cute and little!
Is the one a mini weinie?  
Love the couch! :D
ohhhh they are too cute!!
AWWW they are so cute!! Having two puppies at once is very hard. I am going through the same thing. It does get better though :) Good luck and keep us updated with pictures :)
OH MY GOD... they are sooo cute!  I cant stand it!
Too cute...We had a Doxie when we were kids, what a handful!
I LOVE "weenie" dogs!  I had one when I still lived at home.  She is with my mom now because my mom became quite attached to her.  SUCH a lap dog.  She was so much fun though.  I will never get over how high they can jump!

Both your puppies are cuties!
My brothers Bubba was a wiener...

 He was hit by a car in August of 06!
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Such sweet little puppies, so glad you were able to get the pictures up.
How cute are they together!  :D
They are so cute- thanks for sharing!
[quote="Zhanna\";p=\"80523":1mzkznv8]They are so cute and little!
Is the one a mini weinie?
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