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Hank and his new playmate.

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Took Hank outside the other night and there were 2 kittens wondering around in my front yard. Hank played with them for about an hour. The next morning one of the kittens was waiting on Hank to come outside and play. Here are a few pics. Got a video of them playing but got to upload it.

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i like the last pic... gotta love the kung fu stance on the
i like your avatar haha.. has this 'dude..' sort of look
That is so sweet! :D
All Henry ever wants to do with a cat is "box" it.  Well, and bark at it.  He especiallylikes it when they hiss at him. :lol:
Great pictures, Hank and his new playmate are so cute together.
awwwwwwwwwww... i love them both!
Lol, I love that last pic, that is way too cute..Hank has some new play mates....
I got some cute videos of them playing but they were deleted of camera. He has been looking for them when I take him out in the mornings all week but they have not been back.
Ok...that was all too cute to see!!!!!  Your pup is adorable!!!!!!!!!
Aww!!!  How cute!!!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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