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Hank has coccidiosis

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Took Hank and Timber to the vet this morning and found out that Hank has coccidiosis. The vet said that it was common in Boxers but did not realy explain it to me and was wondering has anyone elses Boxer has had this? She has me giving Hank and Timber something called Albon 2 times a day for the first day and 1 time a day until all gone.
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Ah, the nasty coccidia. I have had a lot of experience treating it. I think that it is sometimes a common thing with puppies.  I don't know that I would say common for "boxers" as a breed, just all puppies. It is a protozoa and not a "worm".

Generally they get them from unclean areas, such as when he was still with his litter, maybe they did not keep the poop picked up real well. It can also be in standing water, like a old flower pot or something outside that sits and the dog/puppy drinks from it.

It can cause some nasty loose stool and eating without gaining weight.
The albon will take care of it. If he got liquid, he should love it because it is really good tasting, it is also available in pills for puppies that weight more.

Just be sure to clean the poop up real good so he does not re-infect himself, while being treated.
It is possible that it could have been in the poop itself or the ground around it.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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