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Hanna & Kash's Spa Day....

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Well yesterday the dogs decided to have their own spa day.  I forgot that I hid a friend's xmass gift to me behind the wine fridge on Sat night.  Well low and behold the terrible twosome found it yesterday while we were at work.

My dog walker left me the funniest note about their spa day, and how she is kind of concerned for Kash love of Lavender.   However my husband was less than thrilled with the twosome's antics.   He had to pick up and vaccum lavender powder out of the carpet and the dogs.   They took a chunk out of a candle and left the aromatherpy alone (maybe saving that for the weekend).    

While my husband called me and was  ~X(  on the phone - I came home to find the mess less than minimal and a husband that over reacted.
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That is hilarious, Heather!  :rofl: Hey, at least your house is lavender fresh now!
ROTFLMAO...I actually was thinking by that title that they had really had a "spa " day, guess they did in a way....Lol, so Kash is liking that lavender huh? Too funny
Kash's Carpet Fresh! :rofl:
=)) they just wanted to smell good for mommy!! :D
thats too funny....Phoenix likes the smell of our lavender/vanilla air freshener!
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