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how do you get hanna and kashs coats so shiny? i noticed in one of your posts how beautiful their coats are,they look like they had gloss treatments from the salon! :lol:
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ha ha ha -  I dont do anything.  I feed about a 95% raw diet and a grainless kibble shall I be a bad dog mom and forget to thaw out their food.

I also add in Norweigion (sp?) Kelp and Salmon Oil to their food.   Kelp twice a week, and Salmon Oil everyday since its winter.

They hardly ever get baths.   Monday I did give Hanna a bath with the Tea Tree Paul Mitchel Shampoo for her alergies (we normally used Earthbath Oatmeal) and she is soooo shiny now!

Other than that, brush every other day, good diet, and thats about it:)
Why won't you just admit that you use some sort of polyurethane on them?
ha ha ha - I wish!!!  ha ha - it would be much cheaper than the food.   Bumpy used the same line (link above) on his two, and pretty happy with the product lines, the selecction and of course the results.

Plus our dogs have Euro lines, so their fur tends to be somewhat thicker and longer:)
Heather...that is so interesting about the Euro lines having longer fur and being thicker etc...Jetta has that thicker longer fur...and she is SOOOOO shiny and soft...Bo has really really really short fur...and is more course looking and not nearly as some american lines have longer thicker fur too?
thanks for the info heather, i looked at some of the products, i have few in mind  i will try.
It also has a lot to do with genetics Jamie...Samson's coat is a lot longer and thicker, very coarse, altho with me feeding the raw eggs and such it's gotten a lot softer.He also sheds terribly..Angel, even in the dead of winter has a very short, tight coat and very shiny...Buck also had a very short tight coat, Tia my rescue was like Samson, longer and coarser....Breeding, breeding breeding
Patch's coat is short, thin but very soft... amazingly soft...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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