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Happy Birthday Daisy! *w/pics now

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Happy 2nd Birthday Daisy!

I hope you get even more spoiled today!!!
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Re: Happy Birthday Daisy!

<:p Happy Birthday!!  :O)
Re: Happy Birthday Daisy!

<:p  <:p  <:p Happy Birthday sweetheart, hope you have an awesome day.......This is our Admins' Daisy, correct?  :)
Re: Happy Birthday Daisy!

Yep it's her.  She's enjoying her morning with mom and skin sister right now.  Tonight we're going to invite her favorite neighbor over so they can beat each other up.  I'll see if we can get a birthday hat on her or something and take a pic while she's loving one of her treats.
Re: Happy Birthday Daisy!

Yup, pics would be nice of the birthday girl  :) Especially if she has a hat on  :lol:
Re: Happy Birthday Daisy!

Happy Birthday Daisy, enjoy your day and have fun.
Re: Happy Birthday Daisy!

<:p HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAISY! <:p   Enjoy your playdate with the neighbor later.
Re: Happy Birthday Daisy!

Happy Birthday Daisy!!!  Have a fun day beating your neighbor up!!
Re: Happy Birthday Daisy!

[quote="BoxerForums\";p=\"49078":wwkm6qzi]Yep it's her.
Re: Happy Birthday Daisy!

Lunch b-day party

And the payoff:

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poor make her look silly in that hat, lol!

Cute kid!
Happy Birthday!
Looks like Daisy had a great lunch party! I bet she'll be chomping on that bone thru dinner!   :lol:
Yey! Happy birthday Daisy! Mmmm, think she would rather have the chew than the party hat! Lol!

And I think she looked very nice in her hat. It's worth it she says for her bone... :lol: And she still has a play date too....What a great day for Daisy
Happy Birthday Daisy :lol: Enjoy your playdate and treats!
Happy Birthday Daisy from Ekim and Delila
haha looks like daisy had a great time today! lucky girl
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