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Happy Thanksgiving from the girls!

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Hello Group,

Lexie & Sammy wanted me to tell the group to have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! They also wanted me to pass along a very important note. They said they wanted EVERYONE to eat as much as possible until they burst! Hahaha! Well anyhow I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. We will be celebrating it with out grandparents this year along with our cousins from North Carolinia, but anyway like I said I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Take Care,
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Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from all of us too.  We started celebrating today by having dinner at my sister's home and tomorrow it's at our home.  Hope everyone has lots of fun and if you are traveling be safe out there.
happy turkey day all!  :)  gooble, gooble, gooble.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!  :D
Happy thanksgiven, and please everyone have funnnnnn
happy turkey day lex & sammy hehe

& everyone whoo hooo
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