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Harley enjoyin' the nice weather

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Just thought I'd post some pics of Harley enjoying the 76 degree weather we are having. Really wierd for December!

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wow, he's beautiful...I see some of the pups on here with their crops...and it *almost* makes me wish I had done it to Jetta...but my hubby wouldn't have gone for that lol
hes looking really good! And wow, lucky you, it was -10 this morning :( not so nice to wake up to! haha
he is so adorable!! i know what you mean with the weather...i am in texas and we JUST got cold a few days ago...we've been up as high as the mid 80's here.
Andrea - that cold fron didn't make it all they way through Texas!  We're supposed to be 82 again today!

Harley's lookin good! :wink:
Harley looks like he's enjoying the warmth!  :D
Harley is looking great! I hear ya about the weather, seems a bit strange having it this warm in the middle of Dec...Which is fine with me as we are working on the backyard, but it won't last
Harley's beautiful!  I love his coloring.  Enjoy the good's below 30 and icy here...I wish it was 76!
Im not one for cropping ears but he sure is good looking with his done. What a handsom guy you have.
Harley is looking great; I would be enjoying 76 but it is 35 here and freezing rain today.  Kiah and I were just out playing, didn't seem to bother her too much though.
Harley looks great and I am with you on the weather....It is 78 here right now and I sent my skin kid to school in shorts today :) ....
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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