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harley is really going to go ....

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to training classes.. he is getting very big very fast and i  have finally decided to sigh him up.. but the question is what class do i put him in? puppy classes, or another.. by the time they start on jan. 7th he will be 5 months old. here is the link of the people im using

its the closest to me and i still will have to drive almost an hour every monday.. but idk its worth it.. harley is running my home. he does as he pleases and if i say no he barks at me... so it is time

the classes are 50 dollars for 8 weeks
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Technically, Harley is still a puppy, so I would think that would be the place to start. A beginner's class might very well have adult dogs, so poor Harley might be at a disadvantage..You could always make that your next class when you complete the puppy one  :)
agree with Willow....

lol @ him barking at you when you tell him so much like kids arent they?..
yes they are.. thats in fact our main problem with im..
i think hell learn alot from puppy class...:D
$50 for 8 weeks?  I'm very jealous!  The training class I'm planning to send Tink and Hector to in January is
Yes, puppy classes.
Ours was $100 for 6 weeks.
Our beginning class was $90 for 7 weeks, intermediate $100 for 7 weeks which is about average around here.  In our beginning class we had a couple of young puppies but mostly older puppies (kiah was almost 9 months) and adult dogs.
That is a great price! Good luck and remember to have fun!
yeah well im from a very small town and things around here are cheap.. but the class is 50 dollars.. ill have about an hours drive every monday.. but i cant wait.
harley knows sit.. paw..bow..and down but thats it.. he walks good on lesh.. but i cant wait to get him started.. but the site says puppy classes for dogs 10-15 weeks old.. well harley will be 17 weeks.. surely theyll let him do that class anyway
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