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Has anyone seen this before?

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My friends' 10 year old female spayed Boxer has developed these lumps on her back feet, she is not chewing them either. She does have allergies which she has been treated for. She is taking cyclosporine as well as prednisone right now doesn't seem to be helping much as the lumps keep getting bigger. She has had biopsies done on the lumps and they are inconconclusive for mast cell tumor. My friend scheduled an appointment for her with a sp
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not until the end of June. Has anyone seen anything like this before?
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Thanks so much for the article I will get my friend to look at it.
Years ago we had a Boxer diagnosed with papilloma warts, and the vet school did surgery to remove them. Can't really remember, but i think (get ready to vomit) he chewed on some of it. It gave him immunity against the virus as a result. I think they can go on to cause some infection. Looks sore. It never came back after treatment.
Thanks for your input! And yes that sounds gross!
Will do, she’s supposed too see a specialist at the end of June those appointments seem to take a lot longer to get scheduled.
Our boxer Lexi had something like this. We had one lump removed in 2015 and it was inconclusive for mast cell. They came back in 2016 and were slow growing so we didn't remove them because they didn't seem to bother her. In 2019 they were getting to the point we might remove them again but she was already almost 12 years old and we didn't want to put her through surgery/anesthesia unless absolutely necessary. And she ended up passing away from cancer soon after, likely unrelated to the paw lumps.

We never did find out exactly what they were.
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Oh that looks just like what my friends dog has! She is 10 and and her biopsy came back inconclusive as well. I’m sorry you lost your girl that’s always so hard to go thru
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