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Have some questions, we're TRAVELING!!!!

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Hi, so Ray and I are going on a road trip to California!! We'll be leaving Kansas City, Missouri next Thursday the 22nd and head out to San Diego. I have 2 questions:

1. Anyone in San Diego want to get together for a play date and show me around and show me the good dog parks to go to?

2. She's only 17wks is she gonna get sick being in the car for so long? Is it a bad idea to have her in the car for a road trip this long? I mean I'll be stopping to get gas and things like that and also to sleep and let her use the potty but am I going to be hearing a lot of whining? Has anyone else taking a road trip like this with their dog?

Any advice will be great like what things to bring, what to watch out for anything at all!!!
Thank you so much :)
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Yea Ray usually sleeps in the car when we go on trips. I've driven from KC to Gladstone which is about a 20ish minute drive and she will look out the window for a bit then lay down and sleep till we get close and then we have driven to St. Joe which for us is an hour drive and she slept the whole way there too.

I think it's cute and will probably do what you suggested wake her up and let her run around when I stop for gas and whatnot...
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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