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HB - Easter Baskets

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Here is what I came up with (see below) - And here is my time frame -
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Wow, great selection Heather; now all I have to do is decide which ones I want.
Decisions, decisions...thanks for doing this
Its alot easier to have many choices when I allow the time and have a pre-order.  Then I can order items off the pre-orders and dont have to worry about filling something on a last minute order!  Stockings were an experiement and now fine tuning my issues with those!!!

Thanks everyone!!
i will def be putting in an order for the baskets :) most likely i will end up with 2 of them!!
wow! i can't decide which one i want to get!!! great selection though!
Hey Heather - I just placed my order on your website. Just let me know how much and your paypal address again...Thanks so much for doing this! Sam and Lucy thank you too. BTW, we gave them the bully sticks last night. They have never had anything like that before and Sam was being hilarious, growling at it and throwing it. My hubby took some video and as soon as I figure out how to post it, you all are going to crack up  :lol:
Great - I will confirm all orders tonight - my HB e mail is on my home computer -
Sounds good - thanks!
What do you take as methods of payment for the baskets?
Personal Check
Money Order
I guess I should of also asked to save another post...but I am from personal cheque still okay or if a money order would it be
preferred to be in american dollars?
I can't decide!!!!  :lol: Those are awesome Heather..I really like that Beauty basket
Bump -

Just letting everyone know!  12 more days to preorder!!!
hmmm...I can't decide

I want at least to preorder, I can order and then pay in march?  I'm hoping for a large tax that would be a time to pay...that's ok or no?
my god i cant believe i almost missed this! haha I am trying to decide between 3 different ones..the tough..the beauty and the health....hmmm how in the world will i ever decide? oh btw..what is the cost of shipping to canada?
lol donya...i'm trying to choose between health, tough, and the multidog...i'll prolly get two of em...but can't decide!  what will shipping be for these?
Jamie that is not problem -   To let you know I also got the Paul Mitchel Tea Tree shampoo last night its specialy geared for hot spots, fleas and ticks.  With Hanna's alergies and itchies cannot wait to try it tonight - just thought Id let you know with your flea stuff.

[quote="aquagirl900\";p=\"75824":crl3az9r]lol donya...i'm trying to choose between health, tough, and the multidog...i'll prolly get two of em...but can't decide!
heather, i think i have decided on the tough basket, think it is a good choice considering sumyas history with toys! :lol: i was wondering tho, for the assorted treats do you know what they would be?sumya cannot have any corn and sadly, no peanut butter there anyway she can get treats without corn and p nut butter?
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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