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head wrinkles

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Kiah seems to have a lot more wrinkles on her head then some of the others around the same age (and younger).  Will they flatten out as she get older.  Not that I really care, I love her wrinkles but I was just curious.  Is it just a trait in certain lines of boxers?
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Shoot.....Lilly still has super wrinkles...Thats part of what makes her SOOOO CUTE!!!!!  

She was one of the most wrinkly out of her litter and is now THE MOST wrinkly out of her litter...

I hope she keeps the wrinkles...I love the wrinkles!!!!

Liz and Lilly
Mine both have wrinkles.  I think it's a boxer trait.  Most boxers I have seen have them.  I love to kiss their wrinkles.  They are so adorable!
Ahh, I love the wrinkles on my babies heads. :) ..I think genetics might have something to do with it actually as far as some having more....Sometimes Samson's are predominant and I would swear he is hard at work thinking about something! :lol:
The wrinklier the better!  I especially love when they look down at something and all the skin falls forward and makes them almost look like a Sharpei!
Yeah and Zeus has them too. I love the wrinkles i think it gives them a cute physical trait.
Beckham has MAJOR wrinkles, too.  They're a good kissy spot, I just love them!

His friend archie doesn't seem to have all that many though, and he's a little over a year old.  I think it just depends.
OMG I love the wrinkles!! Roxy had wrinkles when she was a pup then they dissappeared then they came back with a vengence lol Here are a few pics

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Yikes I went crazy with pics lol Sorry guys   8O  :lol:
lol cute pics! Mia doesn't have wrinkles.. Her egg head is big...  :(
Great pictures!  Kiah's seem to be smothing out a bit just in the last week but she still has plenty :lol:  She seems to be losing her puppy look too and is looking more grown up :cry:
Here's a quote from the CKC boxer standard:

"The Boxer
Thanks Nexu, I figured they were there for a reason.  :)
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