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Health concern: Dogs/Cats and Children.......DANGER

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I had this subject come up at work today and it made me think of posting it here to make sure everyone is aware of this danger.

We had a client come in for a copy of her dogs records to take to her medical doctor.  They were looking to see if her dog ever had or was treated for roundworms.  It of course had been many years ago, when it was a puppy and since being placed on Heartgard had not had another positive fecal check.

The reason:  The womans 7 year old daughter had been diagnosed with Ocular Larva Migrans.  This is the larva of a roundworm.  In humans they enter the body and migrate to the eye and cause vision loss.

They were trying to rule out that she caught it from the family pet.  The most common place for this to be caught is a play ground.  Mainly, sandboxes.  It is a concern for adults to though.  

Just a reminder that if you clean a cats litter box, scoop up poop in your yard or have to clean it from inside when there are accidents....BE SURE TO WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!

If you have a sand box for your kids be sure to keep a cover on it and if they play in "public sand" areas make sure they wash hands there too and frequently and dont put hands or toys in the mouth.
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Thanks so much for the reminder!!  It is easy to forget our pets, that we love so much, can carry health hazards!
[quote="mybox1\";p=\"20899":3uud6nmy]Thanks so much for the reminder!!


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My stomach just turned... :sick:   Thank you for this information. I had no idea they could attack the eye. I knew there was a reason I never let my kids play in a sandbox.
yuck... I just studied my feet!! I walked around barefoot today... iiicckkk!

so should you not allowed your dogs to swim in ponds and stuff?/
so should you not allowed your dogs to swim in ponds and stuff?/[/quote]

I think swimming in pools and ponds is fine because roundworm eggs/larv live in dirt/sand not in the water. The main thing with walking is if you are out and about and step in dog or cat poop....go wash your feet!!!  scrub scrub  :lol: Of course you would think most people would right??
OMG! I saw an episode on National Geographic with this guy who had a for foreign type worm in his eye... and it actually traveled from his leg, to his back... to his eye... that's when he spotted it... but by the time he got to the hospital it had moved from his eye to a different area and they couldn't see it or find it till wks later!! Of course they showed detail of it crawling through his skin and across his EYE... I was freakin' out the whole time!!

Thanks for the information!
Oh Jesus Marie, that's disgusting!  I'm thinking my morning toast can wait another few hours now...
That is too disgusting.
Yep it is pretty nasty.  Makes my skin crawl!
yeah I saw that exact thing in House a while back. The child (who was autistic)  kept drawing squiggly lines, like water waves on a piece of paper, and they finally realized that is what he was seeing in his vision.  blech. gross stuff.
YUK!!!! where's my Clorox - gotta go scrub my feet.
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