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Hector ate my wedding shoes :evil: :evil: :evil:

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So, I'm just leaving the restaurant after meeting a friend for dinner on Friday when I get a phone call from a very meek sounding Emmet telling me I'm going to kill him.
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Maybe Hector is trying to tell you he doesn't want you to get married so he has to share you with somebody!

Boxers are soooooo smart.


Cute shoes by the way.  Can't you go online and just order up another pair?>
They were the end of a line when I bought them, so can't get the same pair again.   :cry:
I know how you feel...well I didnt get my wedding shoes chewed up but I have three pairs of strappy sandles and a pair of boots chewed.
not fun! They looked like such pretty shoes too...I'd be happy to settle for a pair of Jimmy Choo's to replace them!
Have you checked ebay?

Go for Jimmy Choos!!! My Boxer can't be left alone for 1 minute. LOL
ooohhhhhh!! hector you naughty  boy!!! Eimear,go get yourself new pair of jimmy's, or maybe make it two for the inconvenience!! :wink: sorry about your shoes though, you don't bring a pair of shoes halfway across the world unless they are "the ones"
Oh my...Eimear I am so sorry that Hector ruined your shoes, and they are lovely! Definitely let Emmett but you a pair of Jimmy's, not the same tho....What in the world got into Hector? 8O
sounds like someone was feeling a bit naughty!! Your poor shoes....but it does sound like it is gods way of saying those werent the right ones :D
maybe Hector didn't like the shoes, what do men know about shoes anyway?  They were cute shoes, but I would definately let Emmet get you a pair of Jimmy's. I like the theory that Hector doesn't want you to get married because he will have to share you.
Those were very pretty shoes.  But hey, now you get some Jimmy Choos....just don't leave those on the!
Awwww, Hector is a typical male, they never have any idea what shoes mean to us :lol:   I agree let Emmet buy you a new pair of jimmy's.
I think we need a rainbow bridge for shoes - K&H got one of my nice franco sarto leather bootes.  Needless to say they are not fans of a pointy toe, and its not an open toe squared boot now.
wow...the only shoe that has been damaged by my pups were an off brand rip off of a pair of crocs that have 3 little tiny 6 week old Jetta teeth marks on em...and we leave shoes laying ALL over the house for them to get to...I feel blessed.  Sorry that you lost your's a are gonna get stressed...stuff like this happens...and there will be more happening before the big day, lol
RIP Eimear's wedding shoes.  :(  
They looked very nice too!

Well, look on the bright side. At least this didn't happen the night before your wedding, and you do have a couple of months to purchase new shoes. Hmm...maybe two pair, you know, just in case!  :wink:
Naughty Hector! I'm not suprised you are gutted!

Oh no :cry:  they were really pretty shoes!!! But hopefully some jimmy's will heal the hurt!!! Frankie has chewed up two cell phones in a week of mine :roll:
my god i would have flipped out...Luckily Mav has only gone after the bf's expensive nike collection but has been caught just before any damage was are so strong they were such lovely shoes but Jimmy's can always heal the tootsie said try and get two pair just in case and lock them away from hector! What were Tink and Boru doing while this was going on? Watching im assuming?
Why not make something good out of something bad?! JIMMY CHOOS!! Anyway, I am sorry Hector ate your shoes. Our little guy can't be trusted either!
Ahhh no!!!!!!!  Not the wedding shoes!  Of course he'd find the best pair of shoes to sink his teeth into.  He's lucky he's so darn cute.

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