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Helium Balloon on String

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We were having dinner and Zara was looking at this helium balloon hanging off the ceiling, possibly wondering why the hell the ball could be stuck up there where she could not get it.  So  of course there had to be a boxer game in this and not missing an opportunity, I proceeded to drag the balloon down to nose level, let it rise and say "Fetch!".  A couple of jumps later, she realised that she could jump and get the string attached, but of course every time she let it go to bite it the balloon would rise out of reach.

If you want to have some seriously funny entertainment, watch your boxer drag this balloon around, jumping and trying to get it - absolutely hilarious.

Oh don't try and attach it to the dog's collar (probably more of a bloke thing to think of that), they end up getting it too easy and will destroy the game.
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LOL cute! Odin was playing with the balloon we got for Sarah at the EA Warehouse sale... he was having a blast with it. When Sarah woke up she didn't think it was so funny... she doesn't like to share.  :roll:  

Some how him and Kyrie tag teamed it and popped it before I knew it Kyrie was running off with it... Odin chasing. So I went to get it and throw it away. Just supervise them playing... I still have no clue how they popped it and I was WATCHING them play with it!
That really cute!  My daughter had a really big helium balloon that she brought home and let it go in the house, when it hit the ceiling it popped and scared our Calli to death, she hated balloons every since.

Our Ziggi LOVES balloons.  We never let him have them unsupervised but he is so gentle with them.  He carries them around by the knot and just plays with it.  He very seldom pops it.
Gawd I wished Sarah hated them!! Every time she sees a ball or balloon she goes freakin' CRAZY! For her 2nd b-day party I'm renting a helium tank and putting a MASSIVE amount of balloons in the house... and blowing up a bunch with regular air and scattering them all over the floor.... SHE'S GONNA LOVE IT!!!

Dogs too (after the party of course)!
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