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Hello all from Tx

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HI! My name is Jennifer and my loverly children are Lexi (Flashy Fawn, docked, floppy) and Tyson (Flashy Brindle, docked, floppy) and I love them very much! I look forward to meeting every here on the site.
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Welcome!  How old are your fur babies?  We look forward to seeing pictures of them!
Welcome to the forums Jennifer...
Welcome!  :)
Lexi is 2 in may and Tyson is 16 months. They are a hoot and I love them very much. I will have pictures up soon.
Welcome.. :lol:
Hi there, and welcome to the forum....Feel free to jump in any time and don't forget the pictures..... :)
Hello & welcome
I love the name Tyson for a boxer- such a play on words.  I had my puppy at a Starbucks in December just after Tyson the human got arrested/released from jail.  My puppy was thrilled to see everyone and Tyson ended up petting him- so a boxer petted my boxer.  That is my only celebrity story...... anyway, welcome to the forum!
From one fellow texan to another welcome! I am here in good ole Fort Worth. Cant wait to see the babies.
We're from Texas too.  My Henry is 6 months old.
We're south of Houston.
hi!~Welcome to BoxerForums. I am in Texas too! But I'm in Houston.
Hello, Jennifer & gang -- welcome to BoxerForums!!

I'm Sara, a soo-to-be-Mommy of a beautiful flashy fawn girl. I will be picking her up next week & I can hardly wait!! Your pups sound just beautiful...l love both their names, Lexi is just too cute! And I'll be another one to say, I can't wait to see some pics!! :)
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