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Hello all, we're new.

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Hello!!  We just registered, and am happy to be part of your community.  My sister and I are just learning how to use a computer so bear with us.   I'm pretty much a raw hide bone junky, and Lulu will never share a tennis ball with me.  We're just laying around on this sunday afternoon because the last two weekends have been very busy for us.  

We are 3 year old littermates.  I'm pretty much the princess while Lulu is the jock.  Glad to meet all of you.  



BTW, can anyone explain to us how to upload pictures of ourselves?
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Welcome and glad you can join us. are you wanting to know how to make a signature with pics or make and album. To put pics up i use photobucket. and when making an album just browse through My Pictures in your documents and they should create an  album in the photo gallery.
Welcome Peanut and Lulu  :D

Mastry gave some good instructions; should be the third or fourth post down. Just click on the link below.  There are size limits for the pictures so if you can't add them they may be too big. ... &&start=60
Welcome peanut and lulu!  :D  Can't wait to see pics of you two..
Welcome and dont feel bad, I have had a hard time with the signature also
Hello and Welcome!!!  :D
Hello and Welcome!!!  We all love pictures!!!
Welcome Peanut & Lulu, glad you are here..Tell me, what did you do with your human? If you need any help downloading, let me know, I'll walk you thru it.
hello & welcome
Welcome!  I still haven't been able to get a picture small enough to use for an avatar!  Still trying to figure out Adobe software!
Hello and welcome!! Cant wait to see pics of you two, feel free to jump in at any time--and invite your human to chat as well!!
Welcome and can't wait to see pics as well!
Welcome!  I bet my two would love to meet you two!
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