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hello fom Central New York

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Hello all.  I am from central New York.  I have an almost 3 year old female boxer named Haley and an almost 3 year old Bichon Frise named Stewie. They are best friends and love to play and sleep and compete for our attention.  We are now considering rescuing another boxer from our local shelter.  Are we nuts????
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I don't think your nuts, but of course I have two itty bitty boxer puppies I have been crazy enough to take on.  I guess me oppinion might not be too reliable.  LOL

Welcome to the forum.  Looking forward to seeing some pics of your babies and hearing lots of stories.
Boxers are like lays potato chips --You Can't Have Just One!!!!  Welcome to the forum.  The amount of friendship and knowledge here is second to none.  Enjoy

Welcome to the forum, looking forward to hearing all about your babies. Where in CNY are you, we're just south of Syracuse?
Definitely NOT nuts!!!

Welcome to the forum!! We love pics and stories so don't be afraid to share!!
Definitely not nutz as we are awaiting our third  :) Definitely better in bunches that's for sure..Welcome to the forum :)
Nope, welcome to the forum.
Just wondering, there are a couple other CNY's around the forum, might be fun to have a boxer playdate in warmer weather!!!
Yes it would.  Haley's playmates are her brother a 14 pound Bichon and a 8 pound Yorky
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