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Hello From Brooklyn, NY :))

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Hello everyone :))

   My boy Oscar and I are new here. I was born in Poland and for the past 5 years I live in Brooklyn,NY. Oscar is with us (I have a husband and Twins 2 boys 5 years old) since November, he was my birthday present :))  definitely the best present that I ever got.
   Oscarito ( my twins call him that)  is very smart puppy, he learns fast and we don't have any problems with him. He is four month old, fawn with black mask and white socks, he weight now 38 pounds. He is great with my twins and other kids to. I have a big backyard and I try my best to organize play time for Oscar with other dogs Yesterday since it was such a beautifully weather in NY i had a 4 dogs on my backyard but i would love to meet somebody from my area that own boxer so my Oscarito can  have a friend in his kind.
        I look forward to getting to know all of you!
        Best wishes.
PS. I'm sorry for grammar and spelling I'm still learning Eng.


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Welcome from WI, Ocar is a cutie.
Welcome from Texas! Oscar is a handsome boy!
:-h Welcome from Florida to you and Oscar!  He is a cutie! :D
Hello & Welcome!  He's a cutie!!  Can't wait to hear more about him :D
Hello and Welcome! Oscar is so cute!! we have a few people who live in NY here, hopefully a play date can be set up
Welcome...and don't apologize for your grammar...It always makes me happy to see someone from another country actually learning English...I know of many, many people who refuse, so I respect you for your efforts and you are doing great!
welcome to the forum...Oscar is a cutie to see more pics..hopefully our NY members will chime in...:D
Thank you All for such a warm welcoming[email protected]/2177546217/
The pic of him in his toy box is super cute!!!
Hello and welcome from myself and Chance!!!! You will love it here...everyone is AWESOME!!!!!
Welcome to the forum...Your Oscar is a cutie, look forward to hearing more about him
A big welcome goes to everyone new here in this forum :) I am from Malta Europe I read what I write about six times they always understood me I guess, that is the most important thing ehh..
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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