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Hello from Germany!

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My name is Gabriele and I live together with my husband and a 4 year old boxer named Gero.
Gero is from the German boxer-rescue and he came to us one year ago.

Gero is the 5th boxer in my life so I love and live with this breed since
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Welcome!  We traveled to Germany last year and it was wonderful, we were in Frankfurt and Munich.
Welcome, from Washington State! You know, I confess, apologizing to US about any language mistakes puts ME to shame...because at least you SPEAK(write) more then ONE language...and SO well!  I have found that often, people like yourself speak better english then the rest of us! So, no apologies required! So happy to have you here!

We LOVE everything boxer...and PICS! See you around the board!
Welcome from Salt Lake City, Utah.  We're very glad to have you and look forward to seeing pictures of Gero and hearing all about your boxers!!!
Thanks for the nice welcome !

And here are some photos of Gero (... and then I have to go to bed because here in Germany it is 11 p.m.)

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Hi from England! Gero is gorgeous! Can't wait to hear all about him!

Welcome from NY to you and the VERY handsome Gero . Sounds like you have lots of boxer experience and must have valuable info to share with us. LOL about the language mistakes.  I work in a Doctors office and TRUST ME alot of what I hear every day is NOT "the king's English"  :lol:  Looking forward to hearing/seeing more of your handsome boy!
Welcome from Wisconsin; Gero is a handsome boy.  Can't wait to see more pictures and hear about your experiences.
Welcome to Boxer Forums! Your Gero is gorgeous, can't wait to hear stories and see more pics!  :D
Wilkommen aus Irland!  Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutcsh, aber sehr schlecht!
:D Hello and welcome from France!
p.s. Gero's so good-looking! Does he have a short nose like Voltaire? On this forum we seem to have decided the Americain boxer's have longer noses than the european ones....
I agree about the shorter noses over here in Europe. Daisy has a short nose!

Welcome to the forum....Your Gero is a handsome boy..I do love the Euro boxer look....Always wanting to go hop a plane and steal Annette's Voltaire 8O .....Lol, did I say that? Anyways welcome to you and your boy, hope you like it here and feel free to post lots of pictures, we love those.......
Hello again!
Thank you for your nice compliments. I passed them on to Gero
and now he
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