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Hello from greenville SC

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My name is Jeff I'm 35 live in Greenville SC have a 6 year old boy named Xzavier and we just added one more addition to the family, a now 9 week old bridle pup named Baxter.
This is our first boxer and our first dog were very excited and boy is it a lot of work already, but man is this little fella cute.
Trying to crate train him (LotsOwhinning) at night, Potty training that's going pretty good I guess, and the biggest at the moment teaching Baxter kisses are good but biting is BAD!  I look forward to sucking up lots of good info from everyone. Nice to be here! Jeff, Xzavier and Baxter.

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wow...first I have to say...cute little boy!  and now I have to say...Cute little BOYS...adorable...your son is absolutely cute...your pup is adorable!
Hello and welcome from Sadie and I! You will love it here, it is a wealth of information and the people are wonderful. Your new puppy is such a little cutie and your son is a sweetie too! I can't wait to hear more about Xzavier and Baxter.
oh my goodness! both of your little sons are just adorable! and I absolutely love Baxter's coloring :)
Hello and welcome from Gaby and me....and congratulations on your new addition...there's lots of great info and friendly people here :D
Welcome from Brevard, NC!

Welcome!  You have two very cute little guys there!  You will find tons of information here!
welcome from chicago! your son is such a cutie and so is your pup! everyone here is fantastic and there is so much info.can't wait to see more pics of baxter as he grows up.
Welcome, both your boys are handsome....Feel free to browse theu the puppy & training section for a lot of great information that you will no doubt fiind useful....And congrats on being chosen by a Boxer  :) Your life will never be the same
Welcome how cute your boxer is I love the name Baxter.  Baxter was the name of my brothers boxer and it was my first introduction to a boxer, it was the reason our first dog was a boxer.
welcome from me and Maverick. hope to see more pictures. Your boys are both so cute.
:-h Welcome! Baxter is adorable, looks like he loves his monkey!  :lol: Your skinkid is a little cutie also!  :D
Welcome to all of you from Texas! This is a great site with a bunch of very knowledgeable boxer owners and then there are people like me who are trying to learn as much as I can about my favorite breed. You will like it here!
Welcome to the forum! VERY cute boys you have :lol: Looking forward to seeing them growing up together!!! Bet there's never a dull moment at your house :lol:  :lol:
Welcome, from Luann Ekim and Delila from Pa. What a handsome group the three of you make. I am sure you will love it here.

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You have a wonderful looking little family there...i am sure you wont be disappointed in boxer baby. I think it is awesome when a child gets a pet while they are both young so that they can grow up together!! dont hesitate to jump in with questions...and also be sure to keep those pics coming :D
Hi Jeff, we're new to Boxer forums too.  We are also in Greenville and have a new Brindle boxer, 14 weeks , Gracie.  She's a cutie pie and VERY active.  We're actually going to puppy kindergarten so she has an opportunity to play with other puppies.
Hello and welcome....I am sure you will found hours of fun on here :).....The pics are great!!!
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