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Hello from NYC

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Evening all. This is my first post to this site. Found while searching Boxers on Craigslist. Glad I did. This place seems pretty cool. Well I live in NYC and have 2 awesome Boxers. The fawn is Frankie and she is 18 months old. The white one is Casper and he is 4.5 months.

Well. The deal is I don't know how to upload the pic  :evil: . If anyone can help me I will add the pic then.

Hope to hear from someone soon.
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Hello and welcome from TX!! i have attached a link on how to post pics. please let me know if you have any issues. Cant wait to see your babies

***edited to add link*** ... pic&t=3612
Hi and welcome to the forum - can't wait to see pictures of your two babies.

Casper on the left is 4.5 months old.
Frankie on the right is 18 months old.
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Ahh!! look at casper..i love his little brown splash right on the top of his head. Frankie is also a very pretty girl
Hello from Arizona. Glad that you have joined the forum.
Hello!! Welcome to you and your furkids!! You will ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT HERE!! Promise!!! They are adorable!! 2 boxers... how great!!! You've definitely come to the RIGHT PLACE!!

Looking forward to more pics and wonderful furbaby stories!!
Welcome to you, Casper, and Frankie!  :D
Welcome the forums...Your babies are adorable. Look forward to hearing more about them and don't be shy with the pics..
Welcome from Oklahoma! Can't wait to see more pics!
Welcome from Kiah and I, your two are so cute.  Like everyone said you will love it here.
YAY NYC!  I posted that ad on Craigslist!  Where in the city are you?
Welcome to the site!
Hello & Welcome!  Frankie and Casper are very cute!
YAY NYC!  I posted that ad on Craigslist!  Where in the city are you?
Ozone Park
Hello and Welcome from Central New York :D Your babies are beautiful and your tree is still upright....amazing :lol: Maybe we'll try for a tree after all!
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