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Hello I am new

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Hello I am new to this forum and new to the boxer world. The boxer that I am getting is 3 going on 4 weeks old. I should get him in about 4 weeks. His name is Loki and a fawn color with a white chest. I am currently active duty in the military. If anybody has tips on Boxers please feel free to share with me. I could defintally use them. Hope to meet everyone.
LokiMom (Melissa)
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Welcome from Mississippi.  I am sure you are excited about getting Loki.  If you read through or search the forums you will find alot of great info on Boxers and puppies....
Welcome!  :)
Thank you for welcoming me
Welcome from Kiah and I; can't wait to see pictures of Loki.

If you browse the boards you'll see tons of threads that have info about new puppies.

If you have any specific questions feel free to ask!

I'm sure we all look forward to seeing some pictures of your new baby.
Welcome from Maryland!  You will learn so much here and everyone is so nice.  Can't wait to see pics of your Loki.
Does Loki mean anything?  Just wondering because my neighbor has a Westie and his name is Loki.
Welcome... a useful piece of advice.... You need a boat load of patience when you have a boxer puppy!
Hi and welcome from Kane, Sophie and I.  We love pictures and look forward to hearing all about your new baby!  Lots of military people here too to welcome you.
Welcome, and thank you for serving!
Welcome and congrats on the new baby...we have two boxer pups with a third on her way(end of this month!) We can hardly wait to get her...I am sure you are just as excited! There is a TON of helpful info here and SO MANY nice people who are more then willing to help in any way they can! Enjoy!
JeepKuntry\";p=\"39296 said:
Welcome, and thank you for serving!

There is a lot of great advice here in the forums. It is just a matter of tracking the info down. Welcome to the forums Melissa
Welcome to the forum...Congrats on being chosen by a boxer, your life will never be the same... :) For starters, I would read thru the puppy section, then the training section and all the Sticky topics as well...Don't be afraid to ask a question, we learn from what others experience..Looking forward to seeing pics of your new baby.....
Hello and Welcome! I bet you are excited!! congrats on your new addition, cant wait to see pics of the lil guy
You guys are so nice. It is my pleasure to serve. I have attatched pictures of Loki. And for the one that was wondering if Loki means anything, is the greek god of mischief.
I agree with willow. the sticky are really good information. in the puppy section is one about what to have on hand when you bring your puppy home and it really helped me. welcome to the forum and good luck with your new baby.
Everyone can view pictures of my Loki in the Show off Forum
Aloha from Hawaii.  I'm an A.F. brat, vet, and wife currently stationed on Oahu.  What branch do you serve in?  Where are you stationed?  You'll find lots of great info here.  Glad you have joined us!!
Welcome from Oklahoma! What a perfect name for a Boxer!
haha thats funny where at in Oklahoma are you? I am in oklahoma
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