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hello... im from LA!

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just got a new boxer and im looking for training tips, and good dog parks. im a college student and have two jobs but have a house full of family. im looking foward to training my dog and ready to put the time the money and effort... . .

Peace love... . .
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Welcome to the forum. Is that LA for Los Angles or Louisiana. Im from south Louisiana
Welcome to the forum... you'll definitely love it here and find lots of useful information. I was also wondering if you meant LA the city or LA the state...? lol
Welcome this is a great place for tips, help, and whatever you need
Welcome to the forum from Kiah and me.
Welcome :D  - we're all looking forward to seeing some pics :wink:
Welcome :)
Welcome to the forum from Canada! Can't wait to see pics :)
Welcome from Washington! You'll find LOADS of info here! Enjoy your boxer baby! They are AWESOME!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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