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Hello New to the Forum

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We are Eric n my boy 11 week old Lucky Lefty Luciano


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awwwwwww. sooo cute!
Awww...too cute.  :D  Welcome!
Thank you guys for the warm welcome, nice pix. and sory for the lose
Hello and welcome!!!  Your white is beautiful!!!  

Liz and Lilly
Hello and Welcome!!! what a cutie. Feel free to ask any questions, also be sure to read up in the puppy forums, there is TONS of great info there. and pics. . . . we are addicted to pics
thank you alll. yes there seems like ALOT OF GRET INFO HERE thank u all .Look forward to getting to know some of you.
Hello & Welcome!  He is so cute!  I love the white boxers with patches!  Can't wait to see more pictures!
Hello and welcome. Lucky is very cute
Hello and welcome!!!  What a cutie!!!
welcome to both of you..Lucky is a cutie, love the name by the way..We seem to be having a bunch of "mob related" names lately....Feel free to jump in with any questions you have, we are a pretty easy going bunch, well except for pics,,, we get a bit wild about those..Lol....
Hello & welcome.What a cutie  :wink:
Welcome, Lucky is the cutest.  Can't wait to see more pictures.
Hey guys yes the mobster names are high
Hey he sat thru the whole 3 vids of Godfather that n he almost died as a pup hence the name.. Thank you all for the warm welcome an ill post pix soon
Hello and WELCOME!!  Beautiful white you have there :D
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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