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do you notice if your sick that your furry baby sticks toyou like glue cause ive noticed that glaicer is doing that with me at this time seeing how im not feeling well.
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Bayla tends to mimic my mood or actions.  If I'm not feeling well, she'll lay around kinda moppy, doesn't eat much, just generally take it easy.  Same as if I'm on the go or being pretty active, or unusually active, she seems to fall right into my day and say ok let's go.  When I'd rather be left alone, she'll stay close, but not close, like it's me and her against the rest of the world.  She's my buddy :)
Yup...I have been unwell for some time now and my dogs are both constantly keeping an eye on me...if I move, they are with me...and laying on me or by me...they are very attentive...I appreciate it, it's been comforting!
Yes i hear ya...Chance and my Lab Chloe are the ones that are right with me when i am not feeling well. Layla could care less when i am sick   lol. But Chance is my buddy and he has to be right with me. Although Chance is by my side no matter what.
Buck was like that with me. When I was out on disability, he learned to sense my "good days & bad days"..He's cuddle up to me, give me kisses and generally tone down his antics. Samson isn't quite that intuitive, but close, he senses our moods quite well and when I've been down, he's always there for me...I'm thinking my "boys" are more tuned in to me than my girls.....hmmmmmm
When im having an very bad day, Maddy will come over and try to sit on the couch with me, which shes not allowed to do. But Tink is the opposite, she'll get more hyper and excited lol.
this is so true! Every dog I've ever had does this, but I can see someting different in Mia's eyes. Boxers must be more clued into human feelings! When I've been crying, she's right in my face trying to lick my tears or when I'm on the couch feeling bad she's right in my lap!! Its an instant pick me up no matter whats going on in my life!!!
very true even if i am upset, tyson will come and look in my eyes with this can i do anything for you look and that always lifts ny spirit!

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