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helloooo from T

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hi evreybody here is my son from Aydın/T
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Welcome to our forum.  This is a nice group of boxer people who are very helpful with their own experience.

Your son is so cute.  Love his markings on his face.

tanks he is lovely hansom boy is'nt he?
welcome to the forum!
you've got a very handsome boy!
Welcome, what a handsome boy he is  :)
hello and welcome! your son is very cute :)
Welcome to you and your son, he is very cute.  This is a great forum and you will love it here.
Welcome. Your boy looks very cute!  :D
Welcome from Texas! Love the bandana - too cute!
Welcome to you and your boy form Canada!
:) thanks to everybody your boxers are as cute as my son :)
Welcome from Califonia, your son is very handsome
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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