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Now it's been about a couple of months ago I think that I changed Daisy's food to Wainwrights. I was under the impression that Daisy was doing well on this food but we have noticed, and my mum pointed out to me that Daisy looks as if she has lost weight. With regards to the amount of food that she eats, she eats her food very well and we allow her to eat as much as she needs because we've never had problems with her eating too much.
I was thinking of swaping her food and I wondered if any of you have any views on this new food that Purina Pro Plan has just brought out? It's called large breed athletic which they say is formulated for dogs like the boxer, dobermans, setters and german shepherds. It says that it has adapted protein levels and extra nutrients to support the development and maintenance of muscle mass and sustain the higher energy requirements of athletic breeds.
I thought that this may help to build her up a bit.
What do you all reckon?

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