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HELP ME!! :cry:

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:cry: so after a very indepth research in all the dog trainers i could find around here i came up woth some very poor results. AND I AM SOOO FRUSTRATED! Hailee was doing soo well when we first got her and she just forgot all her training ( as i perviously posted) and she isnt getting much better i have tried to teach her the basic commands and the only one we have had luck with is sit!! shes still pottying in the house, she doesnt lay down, she jumps all over people, she wont stay, she pulls on the leahs and today she got out of her collar while on a walk and took off!!! i was sooooo scared cause we live right next to the highway!! luckly she ran right home but thats not the point she still took off!! please if anyone can help me!! i need some kind of tips or advice on ways to train her cause im going nuts! im at my with end and i dont know what to do anymore...
Now i dont want anyone to get me wrong when i say im at my wits end, i would NEVER in my life for anyreason get rid of her but she would be soo much easier if she would just learn some training! please anyone HELP!
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Re: HELP ME!! :cry;

If you cannot get or find a trainer near you, perhaps some DVDs training???  Or even read a book.
Are you "Over-Training"?  How lomg to you train her everyday?  Usually when people start having problems and begin training, they over train--sessions are too long for the pups attention span.  Just a thought

i know how you feel!! How old is she now? Reese is the hardest one i have ever tried to gets very frustrating. Keep your chin up...things will work out
Hailee is 6 months on the 19th :) shes gettin so big and it seems like she isnt progessing at all, we usually do about 10 min sessions maybe 2 or 3 time a day, but she thinks im trying to play or looks at me like im crazy! ima get some books and i have a neighbor with 2 boxers, ones 15 months and ones 4 and they are the most well behaved !! so im going to take his advice and try to do the clicker training and maybe work with him on hailee hoping something positive happens soon though cause im goin nuts
i know EXACTLY how you feel.. harley is 4 months old now and he will sit on command, down and give paw and sometimes spin around.. but he wont heal..walk on lead..or mind/do anythiing i tell him to do if he's playing. he is still pottying in the house too.. today has been the worst 2 poop accidents and 1 pee.. but someday he does good

as far as the jumping up on people.. harley is getting better.. when she jumps on you . LIGHTLY put your knee to her chest and push her off ... make sure you say " OFF " or she wont know what your meaning

good luck and wish me luck as well.. ill be watching this post for idea's as well
Are you using treats when you train her?  that helps to get Felix's attention.  He will do it without, but much slower to respond! lol.
Also some dogs take longer to housebreak.. mine was good to go at 7 months, so don't lose hope on that yet either :)
I would also suggest reading up as much as you can.  Hopefully your neighbor will be able to help you as well.
A martingale collar may help if she is that good at wiggling out of her collar.  It tightens, but only to a certain point so it isn't a choke collar- that I would never recommend.
Also, would you mind explaining your methods right now?  I may be able to suggest another way of teaching her.
Good luck!
Our first boxer BO who was a boy was trained fully and then around the 6 month period he started going in the house.  Now when I called the Vet to tell him this and to see if there is any suggestions they told me that he was going thru manhood and he needed to be fixed.  When we got him fixed everything was back to normal again.  Now I dont know if it is the same for a female or not.  I dont know if getting fixed would help for a female or not but ask you vet.
I know what you are going through, Maddie was the same way. Hang in there!! It will get better. I would definitely get the dog whisperer dvd:)

Some things I did are:

I potty trained her by bringing the treat outside with me and gave her half after she peed and half after she pooped with lots of praises. It took alot of time and patience but it did work. Now I have to teach my new 2 year old boxer the same way and train him to hold it longer. It always is a work in progress but we do it out of love.

I also took Maddie to training and that helped.
MaddieandMiller\";p=\"63407 said:
I know what you are going through, Maddie was the same way. Hang in there!! It will get better. I would definitely get the dog whisperer dvd:)
I would also recommend these DVD
Life with my maddy was pretty bad untill we got a book called "Training your boxer" by Joan Hustace Walker(i think its still available online), We have been training her for around 3 weeks and have noticed a huge change,as now she follows commands. We still get the odd accident indoors but i put it down to it being her 1st winter!
Since maddy is now starting to behave better life is easier, but a few months ago i was at a loss as what to do,,so i would say keep at it as it is oh so worth it.
Good Luck :)
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