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Help me name my dog!

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I am getting Bo (that's his current name and I don't really like it much) tonight at 5pm...he is a 9 or 10 month old male plain fawn boxer.  I want something that is German or German affiliated (ie Jetta after the VW Jetta a German car)  Any Suggestions would be great...

I like Derby...after the VW husband hates it!
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Yeah, you can break them of bad habits.  I got ringer at 9 months and am having a lot of problems that I wouldn't have had if I raised him from a little pup.  I'm trying to tackle one problem at a time and it has taken three months for me to see some real progress but he has stopped a couple of the bad habits that his previous owners let him get away with.  It will probably just take more time since you need to break the bad habits and reteach the appropriate habits.
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