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Help! pees when males come into the house!

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Help! Harley lets loose when a male walks into our house. We think he gets overly excited about guest entering our home. When we know people are coming over, we make sure to take him out to the bathroom to avoid the accident. however, we have noticed he will still have an accident when a male enters and initiates for interaction. Also, we have been in a pet store where a male associate has approached him and the same behavior occurs. yet, right before, a female approached him and he was fine. Is he being submissive? or shy? not sure....
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Marking his territory? Or feeling really dominant.  This has only happened once for me and the guy told buddy "off" and it hasn't happned since
This is submissive urination because of the men.  Try to take him out when he meets people that come to your house.  That way he pees outside.  Also ask them to just ignore the dog and not talk to him and let HIM come up to them when he feels ready for that.  Ask them to just let the dog sniff and touch them without them touching him.  It is very hard for people to do these things and you will have to coach them about it.

excellent! we haven't tried moving it outside yet. will try. thanks!
Nano is right, is is submissive urination. It doesn't have anything to do with being housebroken.  therefore, it is very important to NOT correct or punish him for peeing, do not tell him "no" or anything- It will just make the problem worse.  One of my mom's dogs that she got after I moved out would pee when I initiated contact.  Like Nano said, if i just let him approach me and gently pet his chest he was okay.  (petting the chest and chin is less "threatening" than on top of the head) Also have your guests refrain from making direct eye contact.  
Try to get him out a lot to meet new people so he can build his confidence.
Good luck!
I also agree with nano...let the dog meet new people at his own pace...and yes you will have to tell your guest not to touch, talk or give eye contact to him and basically have them totally ignore him, and you should notice a change....I had the same problem with my first boxer 'Sexy' when she was very young, but with her it was more an excitement and not a submissive issue.
g00dgirl\";p=\"69495 said:
Like Nano said, if i just let him approach me and gently pet his chest he was okay.  (petting the chest and chin is less "threatening" than on top of the head)
The first few times my father-in-law was around Cooper, he would cower and sometimes scurry away.  One time he peed on the floor.  Cooper, not my FIL.  Anyway, I had to ask my FIL not to come over Cooper's head and he's been doing much better. Cooper doesn't even like me petting him on the head first thing.
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