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Help! What am I doing wrong?

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We recently added to our family, a female boxer pup (12 weeks old). We have had her for almost two weeks now. Training is not going so well. We have a four year old female who was an absolute breeze in this department so we are unsure where we are going wrong with the new pup.

Its as though she is confused and thinks its okay to go pee/poop inside, rather than outside. We've made sure we praise her with treats and kind words when she does do the deed outside but its truly rare. We try taking her out twice an hour (unless she's napping) and when she's out, she stays out for 10-20 minutes sometimes even more. But rather than doing the deed, she plays, chews on sticks, etc. Its driving us nuts because the second she comes inside, she goes. We scold her (verbally) and send her right back outside.

I'm not sure what else to do. I know she's still young and it takes awhile for these pups to get the hang of it. However, I did expect a bit of progress at this point in the game. I am a stay at home mom so I'm home with her all day. As much as I try, its difficult to keep my eye on her 24/7 with a toddler running around.

Any advice/tips/help would be MUCH appreciated! Thanks!
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It sounds like you are doing everything right it may just take alittle more time.  Also you might crate her when you are not able to watch her so she doesn't roam free and got potty when you aren't watching her.  It might be able to catch her that way.  I know when we were training Duke he would be fine go potty outside so I thought everything was going great until I walked into the room that their crates are in and found out he had been peeing in there when I wasn't looking.  So I had to re-train him that he couldn't go potty in there either.
You know, she is also going in her crate when we're gone (which is not often). She has been left in her crate probably 2 hours max thus far and when we returned home, she had pee'd and pooped in there. Our oldest boxer never did that. I have always heard they will not go to the bathroom where they sleep (????). I have started putting her in her crate when I am unable to watch her fully (say when I shower) and that has worked out (although, she may pee in there, I don't know). Do you put blankets in the crate when you leave your dog in there? I just feel like its not getting through to her because she's showing no signs of progress. What do you do when your pup goes to the bathroom inside? How do you discipline, or scold to teach them NO?
Duke had problems in his crate at first too, as far as pee and poop goes.  I came home one day and thought I was going to die it smelled so bad in my house.  He got better when he was able to hold it longer.  And yeah I tried to put blankets, a bed, towels, but between the pee and poop and tearing them apart, he is without now.  At least until he gets out of his distructive stage.  

And as far as discipline....I would say No firm and not really a yell, but louder then normal grab him fast and take him outside.  When he went potty outside I would praise him and give him a treat....he took longer to potty train then our lab mix I didn't have to work at all with her.  It took time and alot of carpet cleaner but he got better.  Its also good to teach her how you want her to let you know she has to go....we tried a bell at first but he likes to just come and get in my face to tell me he has to go out.  My lab mix will go stand at the door, any door, whatever room we are in, if we are in the living room she will stand at the front door, if we are in the bedroom she will just stand at the bedroom door and stare at it and then look back at us and follow us around till we let her out.  But it might help the process she may not know how to let you know she has to go.
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Remember your puppy will not understand you scolding her for going i the house.  You train by reward and repitition.  Take a really special treat outside with you and as soon as she does her buisness praise and reward her.  Do not wait until you get back inside because she won't know what the treat is for.  Patience is the key, just keep at it and it will sink in.

14 weeks is still VERY young.. still a baby.  It just takes time, patience, and consistency on your part :)
How big is her crate? If it is too big it will allow her to potty in one corner and sleep in the other.  although, some dogs will still potty in a small crate :/
When you take her outside, is she on a leash? If not, I would put her on a leash, that way you can keep her in the spot you want her to potty and she won't be able to run around and play.  If you think it is time for her to potty, just stand and wait in that spot as long as it take for her to settle down and get to business ;)
Good luck! don't despair... it took Felix until he was 7 months old to stop peeing in the house!
Thanks for the great advice! I really need to work on consistency and persistence. There are times I don't see her go in the house, and then I cannot scold her. That creates a problem because she gets away with it. So I really need to try and focus on watching her better.

Another good point one of you raised is finding a way for her to tell me she has to go out - otherwise she has no way of communicating to me when she needs to go. Any ideas, aside from the bell?

One other thing: I normally do not take her out on a leash. She usually goes out with her older sister. The reason the leash has not worked is because she ends up chewing the leash, or refusing to walk and just sits down. I can spend 20 minutes outside, and if she's on a leash, she'll sit the entire time. Drives me nuts. Any advice on that issue?
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