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Some days I think that the wind can blow wrong and boxers will get loose stool.  They just have stomachs with a temper.

I would have to say to finish the med's and not give the other stuff.  Just his normal food until things calm down. You want to make sure to rule out any parasites, food changes, ate something not suppose to (table food, new treats, something on the ground or grass)

Certain antibiotics would/can cause loose stool (clavamox, cephalexin, amoxicillin) so maybe the stopping and starting could do it, but I find that less since you only missed a day.....Then of course there are virus situations is your pup current on shots?.....

If he starts vomiting along with the water stool, does not want to eat then I would go have him checked.  I would have him checked if it does not stop within 48 hours.  There are just to many things that can cause the squirts :)
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