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You have a number of things going on there.  First what are the antibiotics for?  Second, pumpkin is fiber and usually firms up the stool, and third yogurt is a probiotic and probably shouldn't be given at the same time as the antibiotic, but after you are finished giving the antibiotics to restore a healthy digestive system.  Your puppy may be reacting to one or all of the above.  Have you had a stool sample run to rule own parasites, or changed his food?  I agree with RainBosmom that it is important to finish giving all the antibiotics given and not start and stop them so a resistant strain of bacteria doesn't develo.  I've also read that it isn't recommended to fast a young puppy - it may be better to feed him a bland diet of rice and chicken for a day or two until the diarreah gets under control.  Additionally, if it is that severe, you will really need to watch that he doesn't dehydrate.  You can freeze Gatorade in ice cube trays to help keep him hydrated and there is a stickey - "what to have for a new puppy" - that gives the dosage for over the counter anti-diarreah medications you can also give.  Hope he gets feeling better soon - keep us posted.
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