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I inadvertantly taught Zoey the command "inside".  Now I can yell it at her from anywhere in the yard and she runs for the nearest door.  Daisy picked it up very quickly too.  They both go and sit at the door until I come over and open it for them.  We live in a sub-division in norhtern VA & it's very busy.  There are always kids playing & other dogs.  I use it if there is something going on out in the street that I want them to stay away from.  
There are some very irrsponsible people down the street who have an aggressive dog and don't keep an eye on him.  He started to come into my yard growling at Zoey & Daisy.  They were between him & me, but the basement door was cracked and closer to both of us than him.  I yelled "INSIDE" & they both bolted for the basement door.  Zoey pushed it open w/ her nose for them to go in the house & I was able to get inside and shut it before he got to them.
Anyway, it's not a conventional command, but it has been very useful in our household.  It also impresses people when I say "Zoey, Daisy... inside!" & they run for the door.  It gives the impression that my girls are very well trained...if only.    :lol:
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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