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Henry hurt himself

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Well, my bouncy puppy finally managed to hurt himself.  Yesterday was absolutely beautiful at our house!  Sunny and bright, it got up to 70!  Don't ya just love south Texas? :D
Anyhow, after an afternoon of playing outside with my son, they both came in dirty, hungry, and bug bitten.  Henry also came in limping. :?   Took him to the vet this morning, he's gonna have x-rays later.  Doc said it could just be a sprain or it could be a dislocated joint.  I'll let y'all know how it turns out.  Pray for us? 8)
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I am sorry to hear of Henry's injury.  I will definitely be praying for you and for Henry's speedy recovery!

(We had 7o degree weather here yesterday too.....)
Poor Henry!  I hope he rebounds quickly and it is nothing too serious.  Paws and fingers crossed here.
Awww poor Henry! I hope it's nothing but a sprain. ((((positive)))) and((((getbettersoonhenry)))) vibes coming your way.
Give Henry a big boxer cuddle from me and Daisy! I hope he's soon back on the mend. Keep us updated!
(Oh, and Daisy has her paws crossed for Henry too!)

OK.  Doc says it is just a bad sprain in his shoulder.  Nothing is broken orout of joint.  Thank you God!  
He gave us some medicine, like an anti-inflamitory pain releiver.  Said if he's still limping in two weeks to come back.
Thanks for the thoughts and prayers!
Zhanna & Henry! :D
Ahhh, Henry huny, you got to be more careful....Glad that it wasn't serious Zhanna...Give that cutie a big hug for me and sending some healing vibes to him
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