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Henry's leg-ish / i want new people to live with! :x

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Ok, so I've spent the last almost 3 months fixing my dog.  One weekend alone with the guys and he's feeling the pain.  And they weren't even alone!  I was here!  I don't understand these Kens I live with!

They had a pretty crazy outdoors kind of weekend while I was cleaning the house.  Saturday, lots of Henry running around, acting crazy.  He was a little stiff Sunday morning, but seemed to be alright.  Then they let him run around like a crazy dog again, even though I told them he needed to take it easy or would get hurt again.  By the time they came in Sunday evening, Henry was almost limping!  Woo, I'm mad now!!! :x   So I go off on them about how much trouble it has been for me to try to save this dog from surgery.  They've done nothing to help the whole time!  And now they want to go and ruin it all!?!?!?

This morning Henry wasn't limping, but deffinately favoring the leg.  He walks alright, not perfect.  When he stands, he sort of leans to one side, not putting weight on the hurt leg.  It has been a huge fight to not get him to run today.  I finally had to leash him just to go potty because he would try to run around! :roll:  I've put him back on lock-down.  Hopefully a week of being locked up will help.  

I'm trying my hardest to avoid surgery and these guys act like total idots!  I want to live with people that will help me, not give me greif!
Thanks for letting me vent.

Sharon, should I go to the vet or give it the week and see how it goes?
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Men....that about sums it up!! hope he is feeling better :)
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