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Here's an idea for a doggy bed (cheap)

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I've noticed lately that my 10y/o Boxer Dixie has been having a hard time jumping up on the bed.  She is on medicine for her hips but I guess age + cold weather + a tall bed is too much.  Soooo I got an idea.  I posted on Freecycle that I needed a crib mattress, bought some flannel crib sheets and viola' instant doggybed!  All for less than $7.00!  I placed it at the foot of our bed so that she is still with me. She LOVES it.   Now I think I might get another for the den.
Just call me Martha Stewart!
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smart idea martha :)
Lol, great idea Martha....Samson also can't get on the bed on his own either, we have to boost him up..I even bought steps, which he refuses to use  :lol: I think I insulted him...I just bought a therapeutic bed for him actually that I keep in the office
That really is a great idea!  :)  Now I wish I would've kept the kids' crib mattress. There was nothing wrong with it, and yes it would have made a great doggy bed!
Delilah has a crib mattress for a bed too! She doesn't sleep on it much though ;) hahaha.
the travel crib mattresses fit really well in the large size crates too, but apparently are fun to tear up.
Hmm thats a good idea.... IF soemone were to stitch a cover like a pillowcse over the mattress EBAY would be a hot place to be with the cost of doggy beds...
I just use crib mattress sheets.. :)
pretty good idea, they have them everywhere here, at thrift stores ect, for cheap......I could slide it under my bed during the day when they are not laying on it at night......... might have to try that
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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