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This is for  Wysong Synorgon Canine Diet

The first ingredient in this food is a named meat source. Unfortunately, it is chicken inclusive of its water content (about 80%). Ingredients are listed by weight and chicken inclusive of water weighs substantially more than the ingredient will once the water is removed the extrusion process. In the absence of any other meat products in the food, it is likely, therefore, that there is very little meat product in this food.

The next two ingredients are decent quality grains, and these probably make up the vast bulk of the food. Poultry fat, however, is an ingredient of unidentified origin for which it is impossible to determine source or quality. Unidentified ingredients are usually very low quality. Yeast culture is not a suitable ingredient for dogs who suffer allergies or yeast infections. There is a good range of probiotics in the food.

Note that poultry fat is the fourth most prolific ingredient in the food, and likely the third once the ingredient "chicken" has it's water content removed. A fat so high on the ingredient list has been identified as a bloat risk factor in large breed dogs (Purdue University research).
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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