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Heres more Mia!! *PIC HEAVY!!*

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Pretty toe nails!!

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Oh my gosh how cute are those pictures?!!!!!!!!!!  You painted her nails??!!!  Way too cute!!
LOL I HAD TO!! I did mine and did hers at the same time..  :lol:
OK...i'm so lol!!!  was she patient while you did it??  I would LOVE to paint my Chloe's, but I don't think she would be calm for me!  Oh, I have to post a picture of her new is hot pink with white polka dots, and a cute little white and black polka dot flower on it!  My boyfriend said Chloe looks like a little snooty priss now.  I just so love your pups pink toes!!!!!!!!!!!  That is awsome!
lol she was sleeping when I did it...
There she is! Our August Featured Boxer. With her pretty pink toes..Kenya, I told you last nite she looked adorable, I'm saying it again. And color co-ordinated as well with a matching pink collar. Looks like she plays really well with Toby, they look soo cute together, Mia's big brother...Lol at the iguana pic.. :)
Too cute! She looks like she has really grown too!  :D
What a cutie... great pics! Love the toenails!
Those toenails are awesome, she is so cute.
She is just so adorable. I could never get tired of looking at her pics.
She is just so adorable!!!  I think it's hilarious how you did her nails when she was sleeping...I was wondering how they came out so perfect.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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