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Heres the Pics youve been waiting for!!

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Hey guys I went out and snapped a few pics of Roxy! My battery died so Ill have to get some more tomorrow :lol:  Here they are:

Come on ma please rub my belly!!!!

What do you guys think? I cant really tell because Im with her all the time! She does seem like she put on a little bit of weight!

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She looks great!  I can't wait to see more of that precious baby!  :D
She does look a bit thicker.  Chck her heart rate.  If it seems faster that could be a pretty good indicator.

Liz and Lilly
She does look like it!!!  She looks really good though.
She looks great! Can't really tell yet....
yeah she does look really good. She is beautiful.
Lol Cindi, I certainly can't tell! Preggers or not, she is lovely...Keep my fingers crossed for you...
I cant either Willow lmao Im just soo freagin impatient :lol:  God I cant wait until the 30th then if its confirmed we will take her back a few weeks later to see how many pups are baking in that oven lol :wink:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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