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Here's the problem!

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So we've got a fight on our hands!  We have picked out a breeder and we love them it's going great. The problem is, I fell in love with a little girl pup and my fianc
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Aw! How did I know someone would say that!?
I wish we could we live in an apartment so that would be a no go! I wish we could! You have no idea!
I think a girl would be a better fit...because you did say you lived in an apartment so do you really want two big boys running around playing in there! haha
He got his boy, now you get your girl.  That's only fair really.  He can't really be that greedy!  Tell him it's the girl or nothing....
I say get the girl   :)    We already have a girl so our next one will be a boy.  I read that the girl/boy combos work well.  I think Baz would love a little sister!

As for the playing rough part.  I don't think it would matter if its a girl or boy.  Binga plays really rough and wrestles with my hubby.  I avoid that because she could easily knock me over.  Haha.

I bet both puppies are adorable, but my vote is for the girl!    :D
I say a girl would be a better fit. Just because you have a girl doesnt mean they cant play "rough"  Reese likes to get down and dirty when she is trying to get Savannah to play!
Male female pairs work better on the whole, less chance of problems later on.  

I will guarantee you that the female will play rougher than a male.  Afterall, they don't call them bitches for nothing!

Get the girl. Donner is 75 lbs male and Blitz is a 25 lb pup and she takes no gruff from him at all, plays just as hard as he can dish it out. As I'm writing this I have WWE smackdown taking place. :rofl:
I agree, get the girl. Lucy is one tough cookie and has been from day one. She and Sam are still about 25 lbs apart but she is one muscled up pup from all that play!
I say get the Girl, he already has the boy!!!

Well said by SULLY....
Kiah is definately not feminine, she will play as rough as any of the guys.
We have Charlie and Sadie and they still play rough.  With two males your gonna deal with more dominant issues.  That was the deciding factor for me.  Plus, girls are usually a little smaller and eat less.
[quote="nano\";p=\"79075":1bn4beu2]Male female pairs work better on the whole, less chance of problems later on.
Girls play rough too...
get the girl! he has a boy and you need your girl..your next pup will be a girl im pretty sure...i need my girl and the bf got Maverick...either way just pretend like baz is HIS boy even tho we know he's your baby lol.
lol...even at 20 lbs and 3.5 months, Jetta was the one making Bo (45 lbs and 9months ) whimper and leaving marks on him!  Girls can definitely hold their own!
Sorry but I'm going to have to give my support for the boy friend, simply cuz this forum is mostly women and the poor guy will get little support here so regardless of what I really think I give my vote to the little boy pup because your boyfriend said so and well he is the man............Hehe
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[quote="nano\";p=\"79075":skjh4v32]Male female pairs work better on the whole, less chance of problems later on.
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